Fee and CCS Information

Every family MUST be registered on MyGov and complete a Child Care Subsidy assessment prior to commencement.

Three things determine the level of CCS families will receive:

Combined Family Income – Family income is the combined family adjusted taxable income. Your family income will determine the percentage of subsidy you are eligible for.

Activity Level of Parents – An activity test will determine the number of hours of subsidised child care that families will have access to per fortnight.

Type of Child Care Service – The maximum hourly rate the Government will subsidise is based on the type of child care service. Long Day Care Service as well as Outside School Hours Care are both eligible to receive CCS.

For more information on how your level of CCS is determined, follow this link.

Annual Subsidy Cap 

For most families, there will no longer be an annual cap on the amount of subsidy you can receive. For families earning more than $186,958 and under $351,248, an increased annual subsidy cap of $10,190 per child, per year will apply. An income below $185,958 has no cap applied.

Child Care Subsidy Payments 

Child Care Subsidy is paid directly to the Service providing care for your child based on your attendance records that are submitted weekly. It is passed on to you as a fee reduction.

More questions? Our Management team are available to assist or follow the link below.


Enchanted Forest Early Learning currently offers 12 hour sessions from 6:30am to 6:30pm, as well as 10 and 9 hour sessions for families who’s eligible hours are less than their required full days of care. This is assessed by the service based on each families individual circumstances.

Please contact individual services for fee information.

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